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When is a rosé not a rosé?

Recently in Vác, I had the opportunity to try an interesting rosé from Villány. This is a rosé that’s not a rosé, I was informed.

Curious, I agreed to taste Iványi Zsófi’s 2008 Cabernet Franc rosé.

P1090062 The first unusual thing is, of course, that it was a 2008 vintage, given that you usually want to consume rosé’s within a year or two in order to benefit from their fresh, fruity primary flavours. The second is that it is an unfiltered, artisan wine. Late harvested, low-yield Cabernet Franc grapes were used to produce this wine. Spontaneous fermentation and nine months maturation in barrel also contribute to making this a very unusual wine.

The wine is a lovely, deep salmon colour. Discrete, elegant nose, with aromas reminiscent of the grapes themselves. The wine is dry on the palate and the 14% alcohol provides a warming aspect. The primary flavours still exhibit themselves in juicy fruit notes; however, not the tutti frutti raspberry-strawberry fruit bomb that many Hungarian rosés demonstrate, rather elegant, mature and discrete, like on the nose. Delicious.