A wine enthusiast, writer, translator, judge and trainer based in Budapest. I offer translation, editing and writing services relating to wine. Managing Editor of WineSofa, member of the Circle of Wine Writers, holder of the WSET diploma, Weinakademiker, Vinitaly Italian Wine Ambassador and Expert and Judge at the International Wine Challenge, Berliner Wine Challenge and Vinitaly’s FiveStarWines. Passionate about Hungarian and Italian wine, but the whole world is my oyster ….



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  1. Hello:

    I have a tall order for you (well a question really). I am Hungarian woman living in New York, married to an American man-we have 2 little girls. We are hoping to come to Hungary for our first family trip (husband and I came 8 years ago-he loved it-we are both foodies and wine enthusiasts).
    This time around we were hoping to rely on grandma and grandpa a bit and try to find a place that would give a “proper introduction” (ie. comprehensive red/white wine flights) to Hungarian wine. We will be staying in both Budapest, Eger region and Balaton region.

    Is there a place at any of these that you would recommend to do a comprehensive (as one can get ina couple of hours) of the best Hungarian wine? A shop/winery/cellar that would suit our needs that also sells wine. Thank you in advance, Anna

    1. Hi Anna,

      I could recommend that you visit Carolyn and Gabor’s Tasting Table (see http://www.tastehungary.com). They have some flights you can try. You could also go on their culinary walk in Budapest, which ends up at the Tasting Table to taste a little wine.

      For a more comprehensive range of wines to try, I could suggest DiVino (http://www.divinoborbar.hu/). They have an excellent range of wines and could doubtless suggest some suitable flights for you.

      These are both in Budapest.

      Approx when are you coming? Perhaps there will be an interesting wine event on at that time where you might have the possibility to taste a larger variety.

      Where will you be at the Balaton?


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