Sebestyén summer drinking

P1020327On a visit to Sebestyén Csaba’s winery in Szekszárd earlier in the year, I was fortunate eP1020325nough to be presented with some wines to be tasted at my leisure, their tasting room being under reconstruction at that moment in time.

As the weather at the moment does not really lend itself to tasting (and enjoying!) full-bodied reds, which comprised half the goodie box, I decided to taste two wines more appropriate for summer drinking, the 2014 Cserszegi Fűszeres and the 2013 Kadarka.

First up, thP1020527Cserszegi Fűszeres. A refreshing, light summer wine, with crisp acidity. Spicy and rich with a burst of exotic fruits. Perfect as an aperitif in this hot weather.

The Kadarka, a cultivar very typical to Szekszárd, was a beautiful bright ruby colour, with spicy aromas P1020526of cherry and raspberry, with a touch of herb and some earthy notes. Smooth round tannins and fresh acidity make this a perfect light summer red. Delicious.

Cheers Csaba!


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