The Hungarian Aristocrat & The Mexican General: Wine+Friendship in The Bear Republic

Some interesting info about one Hungarian’s contribution to Californian wine-making


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Upon my second foray in this friendly competition, I have experienced a wine blogger community that is a knowledgeable and encouraging group of bon vivants. I have been fortunate to personally engage with several influential and talented wine writers and I am grateful for the acquaintance. I see the camaraderie and overall good will amongst these colleagues and I hope one day to be friends with all of them. Kudos to @Dracaenawines for last month’s well earned win and for providing a great theme for this month’s challenge – a theme that describes a virtue they have afforded me – friendship!

Nothing is more heartfelt than a friendship that endures through the highs and lows of life. May sound trite, but it is truly when you know who is really a friend. Prior to this challenge, I became intrigued by a historic friendship that embodies this…

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One thought on “The Hungarian Aristocrat & The Mexican General: Wine+Friendship in The Bear Republic”

  1. Thanks for the repost – so glad you liked it. Haraszthy was a fascinating character and so brilliant. Through my research I also learned how to spell and pronounce his name correctly! Not an easy one to grasp in English. Cheers!

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