Queuing up before shop opens to get a bottle of Cserszegi fűszeres?!

No, not me! Those of you out there who are thinking my wine rack was empty and I was desperate for some wine. It was not me queuing…

It never crossed my mind to head on down to the wineshop before it opened in order to secure a bottle of Sándor Zsolt’s Bükki Cserszegi Fűseres 2013, which had been recommended to me the week before, nor indeed to secure my bottle by placing an order on the internet. I had received an email on Friday that it would be possible to buy this at the Pincearon shop (www.pincearon.hu, only in Hungarian) from Tuesday.

Silly me – I decided to saunter over there (or rather take the tram as it was pouring with rain) shortly after it opened at 4 pm, thinking I’d be pretty much first in line. The shelves were bare! Antal informed me that it had all been snapped up within about 10 minutes, the bottles had flown off the shelf; in fact, people had been queuing outside the shop to get their hands on it when he arrived 15 minutes or so before opening. Crazy. A bit like the Harry Potter books or the latest iPhone phenomenom, I pointed out, although unfortunately I won’t be able to get a bottle of this at a later date either.

As I had made the effort to go across town, I decided to invest in Zsolt’s Zweigelt and his Zweigelt Siller.

Feeling hard done by, I decided to pop open, or rather unscrew, the Zweigelt and drown my sorrows.

A beautiful intense purple. On the nose, rich fruits of the forest wafted out of the glass – blackberries, raspberries and raspberries. Luscious notes of cherry and blueberry on the palate, rounded off with a smokey chocolate flavour. Lovely.


More and more people in Hungary are coming to appreciate well-crafted artisan wines, of which the number is also increasing, and are prepared to go the extra mile to try them.

Lesson learnt. When the Losonci Bálint Turan comes in (expected imminently), I’ll be sure to secure a bottle or two online or at least give Antal a call to put a couple aside for me.


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